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Safety Tips For Commercial Truck Drivers

Did you know that a list for one of the top 25 deadliest occupations in America ranks truck driving at number seven? Every single time a truck driver cranks the truck he or she is at great risk. Luckily, modern technology is adapting greatly with time and can provide features to help truck drivers feel more secure behind the wheel. It is important for companies to emphasize the priority of safety, and create expectations and accountability for each driver’s benefit. Today, New Image Towing will share safety tips for commercial truck drivers. Whether you need towing service, or you’re searching for ways to prevent that, you can find out more below about our services.

Safety Tips For Commercial Truck Drivers

Buckle Up

Some may think this is an obvious tip, but unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that roughly 1 in 6 truck drivers do not follow this law. The seat belt was created for your own benefit to save your life and attempt to prevent major injuries. Furthermore, out of 100 fatal crashes, 40 lives could possibly be saved if they were to have worn a seatbelt. “There’s no doubt [trucking companies] have policies on seat belts, but how do we make that become a habit, how do we enforce that at the carrier level,” said Chief Safety Officer at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Jack Van Steenburg. This could be enforced by promoting awareness, reinforcing good behavior of wearing your seatbelt, and police officers cracking down on the issue. 

According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over seven percent of truck drivers polled admit that they “sometimes” use their seatbelts while six percent said they never do. Together, almost 14 percent of truck drivers are putting themselves and others at risk by not using a seat belt on every trip. Start making the change by buckling up! 

Cut out Distractions and Focus on Driving

All across America, with the exception of Montana, it is illegal to text and drive. Even in Montana, there are certain counties that ban the use of cell phones while driving. It is important for you to be fully focused on driving because you never know what could happen. Another study done by the CDC showed that nine people are killed every day in car crashes that include distracted drivers. The three types of distracted driving are visual, manual, and cognitive. These describe drivers that take their eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, or minds off of driving. As easy as it is to quickly glance at something to your left or on your phone, it is extremely dangerous. In the case of getting in an accident due to distracted driving, you can call our company to have our towing service come help.

Watch your speed

Many trucks are monitored by their respective company in order to monitor their speed with fleet tracking systems; however, it can still be an issue. It is also important to carefully stop with plenty of space between you and the next car. Large trucks need up to two football fields to safely stop. With the cold weather quickly arriving this winter, be sure to be extra cautious in icy road conditions. With our towing service, we will be accessible for heavy duty towing at any time. If your truck hydroplanes in the rain or ice, or skids into another car around, be sure to call New Image Towing for help.

Get enough rest

A lack of sleep affects us all, regardless of occupation, it especially takes a toll on commercial truck drivers. Your job requires you to be attentive at all times, and if you’re running on a few hours of sleep, you will find it hard to properly do so. Not getting enough sleep will decrease your reaction time, and make your reflexes move slower. For example, if you were driving a long distance on little sleep and had to come to a quick stop, you may hit the brakes slower than normal. This could lead to a multi-vehicle accident along with potentially other problems as well. If you can prevent causing damage or injury to others just by getting enough sleep at night, make sure you’re prioritizing this! 

Need A Tow or Roadside Assistance?

Whether you’ve been constantly searching Google for “towing service near me” or safety tips for commercial truck drivers, we hope you’ve learned something from reading our blog today. Be sure to follow these tips, as well as other protocols, to safely drive to each destination in your route. As dangerous as truck driving can be, it is important to be as safe as possible by wearing a seatbelt, cutting out distractions, and getting enough sleep. Our towing service, New Image Towing will respond quickly and professionally to every call – no matter how big the challenge. Give us a call today!

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