Keep Cool This Summer: Maintain Your Car AC To Prevent Getting Stranded

With states opening back up, lives are returning to a new normal. Businesses are opening back up. Vacations are being planned again. People are visiting relatives and friends. This means that people are using their cars more regularly again. We are less than a month away from Summer. As the temperatures will continue to rise, remember to think about your car with your plans.

Summer months see an increase in the number of cars overheat. There are many factors that can contribute to this and your AC is one of them. New Image Towing cares about getting you home safe. Continue reading for tips about how to maintain the AC for your vehicle. This will help in improving your chances of avoiding a roadside emergency.

Tips For Maintaining Your Car AC

#1 Turn off your air conditioner before turning on your car

Turning on your AC after your car is already running helps increase the battery life. Your battery has to work harder to start your car when the AC is already running as well. On a hot day, keep your AC off when you start your vehicle and roll down the windows to air out the heat. This will give your car time to warm up and help save on gas and battery power. A lot of car breakdowns are caused by bad batteries. New Image Towing is here for you with 24/7 towing services. However, taking preventative steps to help avoid a breakdown can help keep you safer on the road. That is the most important thing.

#2 Take Care of your fanbelt

Make sure than your car fan belt is in good shape. If your belt slips or is damaged, it can generate heat that counteracts the air conditioning unit. This heat will overheat the clutch for the air conditioner. When this happens the clutch releases which shuts off the car air conditioning. If the clutch overheats often enough it can cause permanent damage.

There are other components of your car that are affected by the fan belt too. Two of these are the power steering pump and the alternator. Either of these getting damaged or malfunctioning increases your chances of not only being stranded but also possibly getting in a wreck. Keep yourself safe on the road. Have your car inspected regularly and also be sure they check the fan belt.

#3 Check Your Coolant Levels

The coolant in your car does what the name suggests. It helps keep your car running by ensuring all the different parts are kept cool. Continuing to drive your car on low coolant can result in radiator damage. A car with improper cooling can also experience battery problems. Overheating causes all of the components of your car to work that much harder which eventually can also lead to engine failure.

The coolant of your car helps your air conditioner keep you comfortable while you drive. However, there is so much more the coolant helps with. Make sure your mechanic tops off these levels with other services like an oil change, tire rotation, or general inspection. New Image Towing is also here to offer Emergency Roadside service if you still find yourself stranded on the road.

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