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The majority of the country has seemed to pause for the past months.  However, one industry that has kept on moving is the commercial trucking industry.  Responsible for delivering items to homes and businesses alike, these trucks, as well as their drivers, have been keeping America functioning during the pandemic as it continues.  So first off, if you are a truck driver or owner of one of these businesses, thank you!

We are sure you know how important it is to keep up with scheduled maintenance.  This is something that is necessary for automobiles and other vehicles as it is, but it is even more important for commercial trucks.  Not only for the inventory that other people are counting on but more importantly for the safety of the drivers who spend so much time in these vehicles daily.

Read further for more details about important maintenance items for your trucks as well as what services New Image Towing offers.  We care about keeping you safe!

Mobile Diesel Repair

New Image Towing offers full mobile maintenance services

#1 Battery Replacement

Unless they have driven a commercial truck before, most people may not realize that these are equipped with two or even more batteries.  This is due to the amount of strain and power it takes to start the truck and keep it running.  Additionally, it is suggested to replace these batteries every three to five years.

#2 Belt Replacement

Another important component of your commercial truck are the belts.  The serpentine belt is responsible for carrying power through the most important parts of your truck’s operating system.  It is recommended to replace your serpentine belt every 60,000 to 100,000 miles.

However, if you notice any uncommon noises or signs of it needing to be inspected before that, make sure to get it into a professional sooner rather than later.  This can include squealing, the steering not working, engine overheating, cracks and other signs of wear on the belt, and more.

#3 Brakes

Obviously, brakes are important for any vehicle.   For commercial trucks, the maintenance and replacement of your brakes are even more important.  With the weights carried and the miles traveled, bad brakes can lead to car accidents or running off the road.

As a rule, brakes and their components should be inspected every 25,000 to 65,000 miles.  This depends on different factors such as the frequency of travel, weather, and driving conditions.  If you are unsure whether it’s time to have your brakes checked or not, better safe than sorry.  Schedule an inspection immediately.

#4 Starter

This mechanic of a truck is pretty self-explanatory.  It starts your vehicle.  When you turn the key, the starter receives energy from the battery and uses this energy to turn the engine over and get your commercial truck moving.  At least, a faulty starter could lead to delayed deliveries.  At worst, this issue could lead to a stranded driver or other dangerous conditions.

#5 Tires

Tires are literally what keeps the commercial truck business going around.  Drivers travel countless miles each trip.  Weather and road conditions can change without notice.  Make sure your tires will keep you safe.  The average suggested time between tire changes is three to six years.  Make sure you keep track of how long it’s been since your last tire change.  It is also important to inspect your tires before, during, and after each trip as well.

Mobile Diesel Repair In Georgia

Commercial trucks may have many similarities to other smaller vehicles, but they also require a lot of specific repair and maintenance.  We have a team of experienced mechanics that will help get your commercial truck taken care of efficiently without making you take any more time from the road than necessary.

New Image Towing is here to provide 24/7 to help keep you running.  Call us at (770) 252 4392 if you are stranded or need repairs.  Visit our website for a full list of our mobile diesel repair services.

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