Safe Driving Tips For Summer Travel

As millions of people get ready for summer vacation, our highways and roads will become crowded drivers eager to get to their summer fun and relaxation. New Image Towing wants you and your loved ones to stay safe and out of harms way this summer vacation season and we have compiled safe driving tips to help do so.

Safe driving tips for summer

#1 Before you travel

Your vehicle needs to be in tip-top shape before a long road trip. Take your car in for a check-up and make sure the tires, brakes, fluids, and window wipers are ready for road trip travel. Be sure to check your spare tire to make sure it has the proper pressure and ensure that your jack and tools for changing a blown tire are in the vehicle and functioning.

#2 Plan Ahead

When traveling by car for vacation, knowing your travel plan is imperative for safe travel. Plan your rest stops and food breaks. Take a look at the route on a map and get acclimated with the highways and streets you will be on. Look for roadwork and detours beforehand.

#3 Watch Your Speed

While on the open road, it is easy to lose track of your speed and exceed the speed limit. Make sure to stay within the designated speed limits and use cruise control to help maintain a proper and safe speed while traveling.

#4 Stay Alert

Nothing is more dangerous than losing focus at the wheel. Make sure you are rested and ready for long drives. Take turns driving and always pull over to rest if you feel like you are falling asleep.

#5 Avoid Distractions

Georgia is a hands-free driving state and any use of smart devices, phones, GPS, or other is prohibited. Driving while distracted is one of the leading causes of accidents and deaths in the US. Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road at all times.

At New Image Towing, we put safety first for our customers and our crew. While on your summer vacation travels, please drive safe and watch out for the safety of others around you on the open roads.

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