Tips For Preventing Long Term Problems With Your Car

With so many people spending more time at home during this Coronavirus outbreak, there is a lot to worry about. Make sure that problems with your car are not added to that list. While you are indoors, it is important to know that experts recommend driving your car every two to three weeks to help avoid mechanical and other problems that might arise. This doesn’t mean you have to take a road trip. Even as little as ten miles will help, but you also want to try and exceed speeds of 50 mph if possible. New Image Towing is here to help if you find yourself needing roadside maintenance or towing, but we also want to help keep you safe.

Automotive Problems

#1 Battery Troubles

You probably realize that leaving your lights on can drain your battery. However, did you know that your battery actually loses more of its charge as it sits without being used? Even if you turn the key and the engine starts, letting your car sit for too long between drives can still shorten the battery life overall. Therefore, it’s important to make sure to take your car out for a drive regularly.

Whether it is just around town and even if you drive and then come back home, it will help extend the life of your car battery. It is also a good excuse to get out of the house and stretch your legs. Sitting still too long isn’t good for your car or your body! Roll the windows down, blast the music, and get your mind off of things for a while.

Not to mention a lot of states are seeing the lowest gas prices in years so you don’t have to worry about filling up your tank!  Make sure as you drive to pay attention to another important part of your car. The tires.

#2 Tire Troubles

Especially with the changing seasons, the air pressure of your tires could be impacted. This is not helped by a car sitting for too long between drives.  Another problem that could occur is flat spots. This happens because your tires are not regularly rotated. All of that pressure on one spot over time will lead to your tires flattening out in the spot where it is resting. While driving around and filling them up with air helps, sometimes the damage to the tires is irreparable.

This adds risk to you driving on the road. The tire could blow out. The unevenness of the tire could also affect the rotation of the tire, which affects how the weight of your car is distributed across other mechanics. This could mean damage to your breaks, rotors, axels and other components.

Make sure you know how to check the air pressure in your tires yourself. This will help you know if it is at a dangerous level. A lot of newer car models also have a built-in sensor that will alert you on your dashboard if there is an issue with your car tires. Before you start down the road, make sure you check for the next risk to cars that sit for too long.

#3 Animal Troubles

Whether a stray cat, rodents, or birds’ nests, you would be surprised what animals will take up residence in a car. Your vehicle provides you transportation, but if it sits still for too long it may also seem like good shelter to wildlife. Stray cats have been known for sleeping on engine blocks. Birds will build their nests anywhere that is away from outside elements and predators.  Rodents are also known for eating wiring as well.

There are different risks that each of these, and other, animals pose to your car if they are allowed to set up their habitat in your vehicle. Don’t risk it. By driving your car around regularly, you also make it a less inviting option for animals. They will be able to tell your scent is newer and also that the car has moved recently.

These factors make it less of an ideal place for them to pick as a home. At the least, this prevents you from being caught off guard by an angry disrupted animal.  For your finances, preventing damage to your wires and other components will help prolong the life of your car and make sure you don’t have to make an unexpected visit to the mechanic for problems with your car.

New IMage Towing cares about keeping you safe on the road

If you do find yourself in need of roadside service or a tow, we are here to make sure you get home. Since 1974 we have been serving the Cobb and metro-Atlanta areas. Our knowledge and experience are unmatched and we pride ourselves on offering quality service to all of our customers. Contact us online or call us at (770) 252 4392 today.

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